Friday, March 25, 2011


I have finally had time to update and post a new entry! (mainly from a certain someone consistently bugging me about it.. you know who you are) I've had a hard time finding free internet to use my laptop to update because the internet is RIDICULOUSLY expensive, its a joke. I have mainly been using my ipod touch and pick up wifi.. that thing seriously does everything.


So last entry I was still in Athens Greece... I had an amazing time there. I think about it a lot. I met some of the greatest people from all over the world, got to live with them for 2 months and had the time of my life. I miss it! I left Athens on March 8th, 2011. I'll show you below a few shots from the second issue of Esquire I was in... It was the main fashion spread of the March 2011 issue and it was some of the nicest most expensive clothing I have ever worn. The entire spread was D&G, Prada and Burberry with accessories from Rolex and Ray-Ban to name a few. Not too bad in my opinion...

The leather jacket I was wearing in this shot was by Burberry Prorsum and cost a cheap $5000 USD

Behind the scenes...

The guy in the shoot with me, Ryan Mertz, was my roommate while in Athens and we booked a ton of shoots together. We did the first issue of Feb. Esquire, as seen in the post below, as well as following issue of  March Esquire, as well as a campaign together for a Greek brand 3GUYS, and a few others as well. Here is a behind the scenes pic...

Athens overall was one of the best times I have ever had in my life (so far) and I will never forget the experience. If any of you have the opportunity to go for modeling like I did... GO! Granted everyones experience is different, but mine couldn't have been better. I worked hard and played hard with some of the coolest people ever! Time of my life....


I left Athens like I said on March 8th, and from there touched down in Milan Italy after a short 1.5 hour flight. And so begins my next adventure...

As well as being with Major Models in NYC I am also with their Milan office, Major Milan. The agency is beautiful, with a private garden entrance, it looks like some kind of European villa mansion. The agency takes up the entire building, with the mens booking in the basement.

I love the bookers in the mens division. I really feel comfortable with them and they take care of their guys. There are 2 mens bookers, Cristiano and Massimo. I am happy with my placement in Milan thus far. 
Famous DUOMO
Italian celebration of being united for 150 years

I have been in Milan for roughly 2 weeks now and things are going well. I have booked work already and have had callbacks for campaigns, so things are going as I hoped for. And whats really cool is that my roommate Ryan, who I lived with in Athens, also arrived to Milan about a week ago! 

As well as Ryan, a lot of the people I met in Athens are in Milan now, or will be coming shortly. It's almost like a little reunion :) I will post more work I book here in Milan as it comes out, and as to where I go next... working on that now. You'll have to stay tuned ;)