Saturday, January 8, 2011

Armani Code

Again since I'm new to blogging about my modeling experiences, this also is a delayed but I thought it was worth sharing about. Last January I received a casting for an "Armani project" thru KCD casting. That was the only details I got. So I went to the casting at the given time and did the usual hello how are you blah blah here is my book lets take a few polaroids etc etc. I left and received an email that evening for a callback for the "Armani project" and was to go back to KCD again tomorrow. So I go again the next day, polaroids again, but this time all the models who got a call back were all together. We went thru the usual casting process a second time. Book, polaroids. I get a 2nd email for ANOTHER call back that evening. So I go to KCD again the next day. This time there was a group of about 10 guys and 10 girls. We all were told there were provided vans outside that were to drive us out to a big studio in Brooklyn for final casting. So we all get in vans and get to this giant studio on the docks in Brooklyn. All the models shuffle in and we apparently were going to meet with the stylist of this "Armani project" and the producer of the project. So we do a 3rd casting, but I could tell this was going to be the final cut. We all meet with the stylist/producer (mind you I come to realize the stylist of this project, Karl Templer,  was the same stylist in my Gianfranco Ferre post who booked me for his show in Milan, so I felt that he was going to hook me up again for the 2nd time) After everyone was seen Michelle from KCD told us "if your name is called please stay for your fitting" so she listed off 2 girls and 2 guys that they narrowed it down to that were to stay.... and I happened to be one of them :) So STILL not knowing what this job was I went over to wardrobe and was fitted in my Armani suit I was to be wearing for the job. There was a giant set being built in part of the studio, almost like a movie set. Finally I asked, "what is this job?!" and was told its the Armani Code fragrance commercial. I had never done a commercial before, so I was pretty excited! After my fitting I left to go home, got my email for call time the next day for the shoot (which was 4am!!) The call sheet listed all the models and agencies and contact info, and I again for the 2nd time was to be working with an extremely successful female model. Anja Rubik. (As seen in DOHC post below)

Anja was extremely beautiful. She was very stunning in person as well as in her work. The shoot was 20 hours long. 4am-midnight. Was the longest job I've ever been apart of. It was a very cool experience tho working with another well known model and the fashion giant Armani in itself. A lot more goes into things than most people think. This commercial was only 15 seconds long of actual footage, yet took 20 hours! Take after take after take after take. Over and over again. But overall it was a great experience and I had a fun time doing it! 

(Double click video to watch on youtube and see larger version)

The downfall was that I didn't even get a recognizable part.... and only like 2 seconds worth, but it's all good. The experience alone was cool enough =] I'm the one in the back in the beginning who turns his head. If you look hard enough you can tell it's me! This also shows that a lot more goes into commercials and even modeling jobs period. I went thru 3 castings and 20 hours on set for 15 seconds and I was barely recognizable. It took a year of editing, I didn't even see the commercial until December of that year, Macy's being the company who bought the footage to play on TV. Modeling isn't as easy as some think, the people who decide who is going to be in their ads and jobs are EXTREMELY selective and won't stop till they get and find what they want. Some people just assume it's simple to be picked for a job such as this, but really have no idea what goes into something even as short as 15 second commercial. I've never gone thru 3 castings and a fit to confirm for a job before! A little insider of the industry for you all to see ;)


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  1. It was a very cool experience tho working with another well known model and the fashion giant Armani in itself. I like it. Thanks