Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Campaigns are a models jackpot. It's like finding gold at the end of the rainbow. There appears to be a lot of them, but to book one is another story... not as easy as it may seem. I happened to book my first campaign last summer, but since I'm new to blogging about my modeling experiences, I thought I'd add it now. My first campaign was for an Asian clothing company called DOHC. More specific, It's a South Korean brand. I was told that it is apparently known as the "Ralph Lauren of Korea", using very well known models each season.

Anja Rubik and Sean O'pry
Nick Snider
Sean O'pry
When I was confirmed and got the email with my job details for the next day, I had no idea what DOHC was, until I scrolled down the contact lists and crew of everyone involved, and saw that Agyness Deyn was one of the models in the shoot. Immediately I knew this was no cheap brand. Agyness is an icon, one of the biggest female models of the moment, and I knew just from seeing her name that her price tag wasn't cheap. So I was immediately excited.

The shoot was held at the hot spot nightclub Avenue in NYC. The entire space was rented out, packed full with photo crew, stylists, hair and makeup artists, lighting crew, assistants, jewelry, photo and brand reps, catering crews, you name it they were probably there. It was one of the biggest shoots I've ever been apart of. They even had a motorhome parked outside in addition to using the entire club and was used as the changing room where all the models outfits were stored.

Avenue NYC
During the shoot, I was chatting with the photographers photo rep during takes, and she told me that the photos, once picked and edited would be on every store wall all over Asia, on billboards and in the top magazines such as Korean Vogue, GQ etc. That was something really cool to hear!! Overall it was a really great experience to work with such a big model and photographer/crew, let alone have my first campaign be shot next to a supermodel! I'll be waiting for my next one soon!

Below are some shots from the shoot:

Jake Madden,  Agyness Deyn,  Mitchell Brown
Agyness Deyn
Mitchell Brown, Agyness Deyn


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  1. Great post! I love the intensity in your eyes in the last picture. That's incredible that your first campaign was with Agyness Deyn. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more amazing pictures from you!